Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 Mile Creek

I read a post on the reports page from a guy saying he had a lot of luck on 7 mile creek yesterday. So in the early afternoon I went for a walk down the creek since I live about 1/4 mile away. From the road to the mouth I only saw 1 steelhead and it was located in the small hole just up from the big hole at the mouth. The fish looked like it had been through some pretty rough times and had a pink fly sticking in its tail. I guess if you walk all the way to the mouth and only spot that fish, you pretty much have to swing some bait past it just incase. Now I am not saying the guy is a liar or anything because he did state that he picked up the big brown fishing the mouth but with the waves today I didn't bother throwing anything into the churning brown water.

On a better note, my new fly line came today. The stuff that came with my rod/reel combo was terrible and wouldn't even slide freely out the tip top eye of my rod. It was too stiff to bend going out without being cast.
Now if we can just get a bit of rain for me to test it out.

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