Friday, September 23, 2011

More rain!

Well it rained all day here in erie. The stream gauge is showing another decent climb in flow but is already falling back down again. Would love to see it hit a couple hundred to blow out the mouth of the east side streams. 20 mile showed a bit of debris had cleared when I was there yesterday but it still had a lot of build up. I haven't been to elk creek this year but would have to say it probably has the most widespread fish in it since there is no major blockages. My next day off work is Tuesday and I will definitely be hitting a stream or two.

For those that don't know the stream flow site:
The key is to look at the chart titled Discharge, cubic feet per second. I will not attempt to tell you what the gauge means in respect to the fishability of the other streams in Erie, but as far as walnut goes I like to fish from around 80 upto around 300. A few years ago I caught a fish in walnut when it was running around 700 and what people call "blown out" but the trip around the bend on manchester hole was rough coming back since the water had risen over a foot while I fished. Lots of people have said that 150ish and dropping is a good time to fish but I have also found the fish hitting well when the water is rising too.

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