Thursday, September 22, 2011

Stream Conditions

Went out to walnut and 20mile yesterday afternoon when I got back to erie. Walnut had 30-40 fish swimming around in the stop sign hole and another small school swimming around at the wall. Only saw a few fish swimming the low, clear water between the wall and stop sign hole.

Walked from the parking lot to the mouth of 20mile, didn't see any fish in the stream but was told there was a lone fish that made it in. A few people were fishing from the mouth and a guy was fishing the outflow from a boat.

Went back to 20 mile today after work. Got there at around 7pm and fished till sundown, about 8 guys fishing the mouth and the water was a little bit higher than yesterday. On my way to the mouth I saw a small pod of fish at the upper end of the hole right on the edge of the woods. One fish was landed right before dark from the water flowing into the lake.

I took a little video of walnut yesterday:
Stop sign hole

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